annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters. Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros! We work allover Germany and worldwide!
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters.                  Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros!                             We work allover Germany and worldwide!

GTC e.V. - Lohnsteuerhilfeverein
Sonnenstr. 31
80331 München


phone: +49 89 339 853 12
fax       +49 89 999 644 54

who are we?


We are a non-profit-organization.


Our aim is to support English speaking taxpayers with their tax matters in Germany.


By law, we can only provide our service to our members!


            Check if you can become a member.

The founders have many years of experience in this field and will be able to get you the most benefits.

As a not-profit-organization, we only receive an annual membership contribution from our members.

This will cover all services provided for the entire year.


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