annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters. Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros! We work allover Germany and worldwide!
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters.                  Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros!                             We work allover Germany and worldwide!

our environmental responsibilites

Like many people worldwide we consider our carbon footprint and responsibility for our environment.


These are some of our measures

  • We prefer communication via e-mail, phone, skype or any other electronic way instead of printed medias
  • Since our start, we use an electronic archive from ELO
  • All tax declarations are submitted only electronically
  • All correspondence with the tax authorities are exclusively done electronically
  • No paper copies are taken
  • All files are kept electronically only. We have a super secure server and backup system, of course.
  • We provide an APP for free with which one can scan and submit documents via Smartphone (also for iPhone available)