annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters. Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros! We work allover Germany and worldwide!
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters.                  Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros!                             We work allover Germany and worldwide!


Q:  What services do you offer?

  •  we prepare and submit your German income tax declaration
  • we will check your tax assessment and may object if necessary
  • any kind of dispute (even if we have to go to the court) is included in the contribution!
  • we give advise in all tax-related matters for employees

Q:  How much are the contributions

  • the annual contributions depend on your income (see membership-fees)
  • besides the annual contributions you NEVER pay anything extra!

Q:  Who can become a member?

  • all employees in general can apply
  • no self employed tax payers (we may recommend alternatives)
  • all retired people
  • all nationalities
  • excemptions:
    • rental income must not be more then 13,000 / 26,000 € per year
    • interest/dividens must not be more then 13,000 / 26,000 € per year
    • capital gains must not be more then 13,000 / 26,000 € per year

Q:  What if I move?

  • No problem, we work online and can submit your tax declarations even without your signature if we get your permission.
  • As we use all electronical medias - including SKYPE - you can reach us everywhere and any time

Q:  Are the contributions related to the tax refund?

  • NO. Your contributions are only related to your gross income, no matter what your tax refund will be.
  • You will never pay anything extra besides the annual contribution.


Q:  Can I set off my contributions to you?

  • Yes, part of our contributions are tax deductible (100 € per person and year)


Q:  Can you also assist with Kindergeld?

  • Yes, we can also help you with your application for Kindergeld

Any furhter question? Then please contact us:

We will gladly answer your question.


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