annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters. Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros! We work allover Germany and worldwide!
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters.                  Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros!                             We work allover Germany and worldwide!

we can offer you:

 a wide range of services that are related to your German income tax matters and related issues like Kindergeld (child benefit) and many more.

With your annual membership fee, you have full access to all our services without limitation.


No extra fees will apply


In case of need, we will even approach the Fiscal Court for no extra costs.

Tax Consulting

We prepare your income tax declaration and give you advice on what expenses you can claim.
Of course we submit your annual tax return electronically on your behalf

Correspondence / Objection

As we usually get a Power of Attorney, we will receive all mail on your behalf and react promptly.
If you tax assessment is wrong, we will object against and keep you updated

Tax planning

There are many reasons for planning your income taxes properly in advance.
If you get married, get children or if you will receive a severance pay. You have many options to optimize it.