annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters. Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros! We work allover Germany and worldwide!
We are a non-profit-organization to assist our members with their German income tax matters.                  Become a member and relax - we will take care of your taxes. annual membership fees from as low as 200 Euros!                             We work allover Germany and worldwide!

Disputes / Correspondance

The statistics say that 10 % of all tax assessments are not correct, for whatever reason.

In most cases, an objection will immediately lead to success.


But it may be necessary to dispute with the tax authorities and the case may have to be brought to a Fiscal Court.

  • We will represent you also in case of disputes and if necessary even fiscal court cases.
  • Support with potential audits
  • The advice in all related matters
  • Support in any kind of related applications
  • Advice and support in case of tax criminal law investigations
  • For your convenience, we will be the only respondents for the tax authorities and court. You will not have to worry about deadlines or missed applications.
  • In any case we have to be insured against any potential financial damage caused by a mistake of our organization.